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Air China Virtual Airlines for X-Plane, FS2004 and FSX users flying online on VATSIM networks. For flight simulation purposes only. This is not official Air China webpage. Not a commercial website. Air China Virtual is a non-profit entity engaged in providing an avenue for flight simulation enthusiasts.

Our fleet: A319/320/321/332/333 B737/747/757/777

Callsign: CCA (Air China)

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Air China Virtual Tour (The first 777F delivery tour begin today!)


47 Pilots
202 Aircraft
804 Schedules
1613 Completed Flights
4 Flight(s) today
6430.14 Hours Flown
2847059 Miles flown

Newest Pilots

CCA070 Hui Li

CCA069 Ke Shen

CCA068 Nils Lange-Schönhoff


Current Flights

Flight Origian Destination Status
CCA4125 ZBAA ZULS Cruise
CCA982 KJFK ZBAA Climbing

Latest News

Air China Virtual Launched kACARS


Recent Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Aircraft
CCA 710 WSSS VHHH 03.24 CCA014 Sam Chen B777-39LER
CCA 822 VTSP ZBAA 05.16 CCA006 Chao Yu B737-89L(WL)
CCA 711 VHHH WSSS 03.43 CCA014 Sam Chen B777-39LER
CCA 568 VHHH RJBB 03.14 CCA013 Benny Chen B777-39LER
CCA 169 ZBAA RJCC 03.16 CCA006 Chao Yu B737-89L(WL)
CCA 169 ZBAA RJCC 03.25 CCA014 Sam Chen B777-39LER




Air China Virtual is a non-profit ograniztion for Microsoft Flightsimulator ® users, founded by FS enthusiast,all information provided for Flight Simulator Only, DO NOT USE FOR REAL WORLD

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